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Kickdrum Party. A mature, para based bandom roleplay group. Enjoy.

These are your mods.
And these roles are reserved for two (2) days or until a mod decides to unreserve them.
Check out the roles requested!
Any questions we feel are important to future applicants can be found here.

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Duchess would like to know who else’s roles are saved, besides the mods, so she can do so mod stuff for once! Hehehe, Duchess will clean the taken list if the other two cats are cool wiff it :3

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Meep. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to leave. I feel I'm hogging ze role as I'm not very active on this account apart from the odd picture day to day and since school is starting soon I'm going to just be doing 2 rp's. But I'll stick around aim if Lights wants to para with Josh any time. ^-^ Thank you for having meeee.

I don’t know why this is still sitting in here, but thank you for being apart of the family. c:

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About how active is this game?

We’re just starting out so there is potential we just need more people! Come join! c:

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is this a para rp?

Yes, sir. This rpg is a para rp. Members have a choice of paraing via aim, over the dash, or on side blogs for paraing. Which ever they feel comfortable with.

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Band Member
  • Name of Band Member: Jordan Mark Witzigreuter
  • Band: BrideandGroom or THE READY SET
  • Time Zone: MT
  • Tumblr URL/AIM Screenname: Beatssosynthesized :)
  • Anything else the mods need to know? I’ve been a fan since 06 when he was brideandgroom, and I’ve followed him on tour for a couple months. we’ve had lunch, and I adore him and his talent.
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